Our Vision-Commitments-Values

Our Vision:

Our desire is that we would grow in our love for God and for one other and share His love with the world; therefore we must be intentional in all we do for the glory of God. We believe that God is at work in us and around us and we trust that He is working to change the affections of rebellious hearts through the proclamation of the good news of Jesus Christ and the activity of the Holy Spirit. Our desire is to be purposefully aware of that work, through persistent prayer, and to invest in it. In our worship, our preaching and teaching, our spiritual conversations with one another, and in our day-to-day relationships, we expect that God is going to change us as we commit ourselves to learning to grow in Christ together.

We are Committed to…

Love God More: We believe that God is the Eternal Creator and Best of all Beings and that He has revealed Himself in his Word. Our desire is to find our ultimate satisfaction in His person, words, and works because He created us for His glory and is transforming our inner man by beholding and delighting in that glory revealed in the gospel of Jesus Christ. Therefore, we commit to grow in our understanding and acceptance of the truth of Scripture. We will endeavor to love God more by knowing Him truly, embracing Him wholly, abiding in Him joyfully, submitting to Him willingly, and living for Him sacrificially. This can only be done as we exercise trust-filled dependence on Jesus’ finished work on our behalf.

What We Value:

  • Word of God
  • God-Exalting Worship
  • Expository Preaching
  • Spiritual Fellowship
  • Biblical Humility
  • Heartfelt Repentance
  • Prayerful Dependence

Love One Another Better: We believe that as we grow in our love for God that will flow over into a love for God’s people. Our desire is to be a demonstration of the Head Shepherd’s love and care for His sheep and to be united in one Spirit. Therefore, we sacrificially commit ourselves, through covenantal church membership, to the spiritual and physical well-being of one another. We long for the spiritual flourishing of our brothers and sisters in the gospel and therefore we will endeavor to connect with each other on a weekly and even daily basis to encourage, challenge, and stir one another up to love and good works, and to above all point one another back to God’s all Sufficient Savior and Loving Lord, Jesus Christ.

 What We Value:

  • Meaningful Membership
  • Discipleship
  • Relationships (inside and outside of the church)
  • Heart Change
  • Investing in People
  • Spiritual Conversations

Invest Ourselves in Christ’s Kingdom

We believe that God has endowed every one of His children with particular gifts to build up His body the church. Our desire is to invest the time and gifts that the Lord has so graciously given us for the advancement of His kingdom. As good stewards, we want to be faithful and therefore we commit ourselves to the proper use of the “talents” which the Lord has entrusted to us, according to His Word, for His glory, our joy in Him, and until His return. We will endeavor to recognize God’s gift in every believer and to encourage, develop, and provide opportunities to implement those gifts and abilities.

What We Value:

  • Mentoring
  • Training
  • Development
  • Responsibility
  • Service
  • Work

Make Disciples of all Nations

We believe God is building his kingdom for his glory one disciple at a time. A disciple is a faithful follower of Jesus who progressively submits every area of his/her life to the Loving Lordship of Christ out of a transformed heart that delights in God’s goodness. God’s desire is that the glory of Jesus would fill the earth by our transformed lives and through our proclamation of the gospel so that people from every nation would come to know, prize, and worship the true and living God. Therefore we commit to answer God’s call to make disciples and enter into the work he is doing in and around us. We will endeavor to move intentionally toward outsiders in our lives in wisdom and love, imploring them with a clear and persuasive gospel message to be reconciled to God by Jesus Christ, through repentance and faith, trusting his Spirit to transform hearts.

What We Value:

  • Pray
  • Identify
  • Connect
  • Know
  • Speak