Youth Group

SUNDAY EVENING YOUTH GROUP– 3D (Doctrine, Discussion, Discipleship)

3D is a church wide program that is intended to instill within the hearts of children and adults alike the importance of understanding the Bible from a systematic and historic perspective. Doctrine is so important to the health of a local church as we seek to love God by knowing him truly, embracing him wholly, abiding in him joyfully, submitting to him willingly, and living for him sacrificially. The New City Catechism, a collection of questions and answers from the historic teaching of the church that present the gospel of Jesus Christ as it works through the Bible systematically, is what we use to disciple each other toward this end. As we discuss each question and answer we pray that God will use this to plant into the hearts of our people a true understanding of what God has done through his Son Jesus Christ and that it will give them confidence to share that story to those around them.